Kirkus Review

Kirkus Review

"Overall, this brief but painstakingly researched proposal deserves to be part of the national conversation on tax reform. ...A thoughtful, rigorous plan to make the tax code more morally and rationally defensible.” -Kirkus Review

Dr. Paul Cummins

"Bravo, Mark Fishman! What could be more important than an intelligent, relatively simple and equitable roadmap to tax reform? Fishman’s Framework could lead to securing the funds needed to improve our failing schools, to radically overhaul our national infrastructure, and to give hope to millions of middle and lower class citizens who believe they are carrying the burden for wealthy tax evading and dodging individuals and corporations. Fishman applies a radical solution - fairness. Thus, Fishman's framework cries out for serious consideration."

Dr. Paul Cummins - Educator and author of Two Americas, Two Educations: Funding Quality Schools for All Students

Dr. Paul Cummins

Gregory Eckel, MD

Mr. Fishman has achieved what our politicians have been unable to accomplish: a simple, fair, and effective tax system. The fact that he has lowered taxes yet provided universal healthcare and free college should appeal to all Americans. Moreover, he has singly handedly abolished the alternative minimum tax.

Lawrence Thompson Bowles, MD., PhD.

Mark Fishman's plan to revise the tax system in the United States makes great good sense. It will produce more revenues and is far more equitable than today's complex and unfair system. His plan would help us save Social Security and pay for Universal Health Care.

Had this plan been in effect in 2012:


Revenues (TRILLION!)


Budget Surplus (Billion)


Percent of Loopholes Eliminated

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Business Taxes

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Individual Taxes

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Social Security, National Health Care, Public Education

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

About the Author

Mark Fishman

Author career and biography

Minnesota in 1972. In 1994 he went back to school earning a master’s degree in oriental medicine in 1999 from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, CA graduating magna cum laude.

Between the years 1980 – 2012, he successfully ran three small businesses. Since the year 2000 he has also been in private practice as an acupuncturist. He treats other acupuncturists and is held in high regard by his peers.